Sometimes it takes a new landscape...a rustle in your routine...a few days, or hours, away from the ordinary - to remind you that you are free. Free to adventure, free to grow, free to be completely, expressively, you. 


Yogaway Retreats is an extended family of traveling yogis, adventuring spirits, and warm hearts. Everyone is welcome, whether you are new to yoga retreats or it is already your favorite way to travel. When you join one of our events or retreats, you open the door to meaningful connections with your fellow travelers. Shared classes, meals, excursions and plenty of laughter set the perfect stage for friendships that last way beyond the closing circle. In fact, you may find yourself with an ever-expanding group of "yoga retreat friends" who reunite around the world when a new trip captures their imagination.


The pressures and obligations of daily life can weigh us down at times. We all have moments of feeling more in a rut than in the flow. On retreat, everything is designed to help you feel harmony and balance. Yoga, nourishment, healing, nature, community, exploration - you will be invited to embrace it all and feel your spirit lighten. Our commitment is to offer unique and well-organized experiences that allow you to delve meaningfully into the culture, nature and spirit of your destination. Each retreat balances opportunities to explore and learn with precious downtime to rest, rejuvenate and just be. Diverse and dynamic yoga classes will give your practice a boost, and of course you can look forward to healthy and delicious food during your time away.


We partner with venues and hosts that we know and love, as we believe that a warm and authentic connection with your home away from home is vital. Each Yogaway event and retreat is led by a caring, experienced teacher with a passion for taking yoga on the road. We want to share the love of our amazing destinations with you, and eagerly offer our full presence during each and every retreat.

Questions? Concerns? At Yogaway our minds, ears and eyes are always open and we would love to hear from you - and journey with you! We hope that you will join us soon.

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"Travel is more than the seeing of sights;

it is a change that goes on, deep and

permanent, in the ideas of living."

- Miriam Beard


our retreat schedule is paused due to covid-19.

please check back soon for updates!


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