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I can't thank you enough for the wonderful weekend/experience at Angels' Rest...I found the old Happy ME again! The entire experience was perfect! Oh the food was so tasty! Now I know I need to seek continue in this path. You folks are AMAZING! You know how to do it right. Thank you.

Barbara Noel


Checka's retreats are little presents I give myself every year. There is something about these retreats that keep me coming back and are weekends/weeks I look forward to throughout the year.  First of all, let's talk about Checka herself.  An amazing teacher and a welcoming host, she has a gift of creating unique retreats that bring together a harmonious group that always seems to fit together.  Secondly, through her retreats I have met and cultivated friendships with over 20 women!  When we re-connect at the next retreat or the one after that,  it is like having a family reunion. There is something comforting in arriving at the retreat center and seeing familiar faces in the crowd.  Finally, the locations that Checka brings us to are all amazing in their own way.  From Vermont to Massachusetts to Hawaii to Costa Rica, each retreat has given me beautiful scenery, outdoor adventure, and healing.  

Michelle Clark


Checka has great expertise as a yoga instructor. Her sequences are always interesting and during the retreat I attended, she helped me work through and alleviate back pain that was completely new to me. She is also spiritual in a grounded, clear way that is non-intrusive but makes yoga with her feel palpably authentic and supports me in clearing my own head. Our travel experience in Hawaii was also very authentic: interacting with locals in a small artists' town one day, getting exposure to generous "aloha" culture over spontaneous shellfish delicacies at the beach the next day. Accommodations were comfortable, food was delicious, and our time was well planned to provide a balance between yoga, rest, and tourism...because Checka is also a savvy trip planner! I am a returned Peace Corps Volunteer who has spent a lot of time living and traveling abroad. I have been practicing yoga since the late 90s. Checka is my favorite yoga instructor and her retreats really deliver!

Becky Smith


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