Green Leaves
Candle and Berries

Please join experienced yoga & mindfulness instructor Checka Antifonario for this opportunity to focus on what feels good! This retreat is sponsored by the Lawrence Teachers Union, winners of the 2021 AFT Innovation Fund COVID-19 Rapid Response Grant.


Self-care is crucial to our overall wellness - but it's so easy for it to fall to the bottom of the priority list! Our personal and professional responsibilities keep us busy, and we can always find a reason not to slow down, rest and recharge.


This can put us on the road to burnout; we have all probably been there at one point or another! Pausing for self-care through mindfulness, gentle Yoga, and evidence-based relaxation techniques can soothe your nervous system, relieve stress, and help you sustain your energy. And the same is true for your students!

On day one of this retreat, we will work with grounding and centering techniques. On day two, our focus will be upliftment and contentment. We will close on day three with a theme of balance, which will include strategies to keep burnout at bay and an opportunity for each attendee to set some intentions for their continuing self-care journey. You will receive a printed retreat manual for reference and support.

While the main goal of this retreat is to support sustainable self-care for education professionals, each day will also include some instruction about how you might share the techniques with your students in a school environment. It is a wonderful way to connect with your students, support their social-emotional wellness, and help them to feel relaxed and inspired.

This is an opportunity to come be yourself, experience community, and focus on what feels good! There is no need for prior experience or preparation of any kind. Please join us to be nourished, supported and welcomed into an inclusive, openhearted space.

Checka has created two videos to offer additional formation; please check them out if you'd like:

- Video #1 is a 6-minute introduction and retreat overview

- Video #2 is a 19-minute simple self-care sequence

Important notes:

- Covid-19 vaccination is required for attendees; please bring a copy of your vaccination card. Masks are optional. (These policies are subject to change as we are in a continuously evolving time).

- While we hope you are able to attend the full three-day retreat (the hours are 4:00 - 6:00 pm each day), the curriculum is designed so that each day can stand alone. If you can only come for one or two days, please do!

- Please wear comfortable clothing that allows for gentle movement on each day of the retreat. Each attendee will receive a yoga mat, but if you prefer to bring your own mat you are welcome to do so. We suggest you also bring along a pillow or cushion to sit on (chairs will also be available), a blanket for coziness and warmth, and some water.

- Members of the Lawrence Teachers Union are invited to reserve their free spots here.

- If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to Lawrence Teachers Union President Kim Barry at or your retreat leader Checka Antifonario at

We hope to see you there!


DATES: Wednesday - Friday, Sept. 29-Oct. 1, 2021 | TIMES: 4:00-6:00 p.m. daily

LOCATION: Relief's In, 1 Market Street, Lawrence, MA