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DATE: TBA  |  TEACHERS: Sarah Winslow  & Checka Antifonario  |  PRICE: TBA

This is a past retreat. Please visit our home page for current schedule!

Spring is here!


Our New England sun is shining a little longer each day, and new buds of life are stirring underneath the thawing ground. Spring is often considered a time of rebirth and renewal, a season of transition when the soul lets go of the old and plants symbolic new seeds. As the earth awakens from the sleepiness of winter, the soul stirs as well, seeking nourishment on many levels. 

Sarah and Checka are teaming up for a day retreat to welcome the season. This offering will combine movement, stillness, and reflection in a balanced way to help prepare and pace ourselves for Spring! This retreat was inspired by an intention to reflect the gradual change of seasons within our own human pursuits - to awaken to the Equinox with Equal parts emergence and rest.

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