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This online 200 hour Yoga teacher training is full of heart and soul - an offering many years in the making.

Our content is rooted in the enduring, ancient teachings of Yoga. This training is an invitation to immerse in all elements of your Yoga practice and discover a deeper union of body, mind and spirit. Yoga is more than something that just happens on your mat. It is a roadmap that can enhance each moment and phase of your life!

You may feel a spark inside you that calls you to the role of teacher - of self or others. Perhaps you have been feeling a little tug - a yearning to weave more mindfulness into your daily life. You are ready to finally carve out a dedicated space for reflection, connection and renewal. You may be hungry for an opportunity to deepen your own practice through immersive study not found in standard classes and workshops.

This training is designed to prepare you well to teach if you wish, but that is by no means a requirement. Each individual has their own intentions, and all will be honored throughout this training.

We have made a conscious decision to prioritize live-stream content in this online training. Every live session will also be recorded; this format allows everyone to work within their own schedule. We love the organic nature of gathering virtually in real time - to promote discussion, connection, partner/group work, and dynamic delivery of content. It also enhances one of the best parts of Yoga teacher training - new friendships!


What can you expect to learn? We will dive deep into:

* Postures, Alignment and Anatomy/Physiology (mainly in the Vinyasa tradition, with a Restorative Yoga segment too)

* Breath Work Practices & Physiological Benefits

* Meditation Techniques & Neurological Effects

* Cueing, Sequencing and Theming of Classes

* History and Philosophy of Yoga (with particular emphasis on Patanjali's 8-limbed path and other essential teachings of the Yoga Sutras)

* Energetic ("Subtle") Anatomy (Chakras, Koshas and Nadis)

* Equity and Accessibility in Yoga (social justice, honoring the cultural roots of Yoga, body-size inclusivity, variations for injury or other limitations, trauma-sensitive teaching practices)

* Business of Yoga (opportunities, marketing, relationships, and more)


* This training will run from Wednesday, May 19 through Wednesday, August 18. Live-stream Zoom sessions will be held:

  • Mondays: 6:00 - 8:30 pm EST

  • Wednesdays: 6:00 - 8:30 pm EST

  • Saturdays: 9:00 am - 2:30 pm EST (no class May 29 or July 3)

* All sessions will be recorded and available to trainees until the end of the training.
* In addition, each week you will have assignments to complete on your own (practicing, studying, reflecting, writing, planning, reading, or watching supplemental content).

* Overall, this 13-week training will require about 15-16 hours of your dedication per week.


Your training includes a full electronic manual stored in our shared Google drive that you may download and / or print if you like. We have also selected four required books that will 1) contain some of your reading assignments and 2) serve as valuable resources throughout your Yoga and mindfulness journey for years to come. We will send each trainee a list of these books; the total cost will be between about $50 and $90 (depending upon where you purchase, and if the books are used or new).



It is an honor to have the opportunity to work with dedicated students and future teachers in this way. As close friends and colleagues for many years now, we love working together and feel that the combination of our unique skills and experiences provides trainees with thorough, grounded leadership. We are both nurturers at heart, curious lifelong learners, and passionate about Yoga. We are fully committed to working with you in support of the intentions and goals you bring to this training. We pledge to provide a group space that is warmly held with no pretense or presumptions - an atmosphere of authentic and true connection.


We believe this training will be most fruitful for you if you have practiced Yoga for six months or longer (consecutively, or over the years). If you would like to apply, simply send us an email at From there we can communicate by email or have a brief call to get to know one another, and be sure all of your questions are answered.


If a trainee cancels more than 30 days before the start of the program, trainee will forfeit 50% of their deposit and the remaining balance will be refunded. If a trainee cancels 14-30 days before the start of the program, trainee will forfeit 100% of their deposit.


Your remaining tuition fees may be paid in full before the program begins, or in three equal monthly installments (invoices will be provided, and there is no added cost for the three-month payment plan). Remaining tuition fees are non-refundable. No refunds or credits will be given after the training starts. We reserve the right to cancel any training before it begins if we are unexpectedly unable to teach. In that case all payments trainees have made will be promptly refunded in full. 

Special Circumstances: If a trainee must withdraw from the program due to special circumstances such as serious illness, accident, death in the family or other circumstances that make it impractical for the student to complete the course, the program may give a partial, reasonable and fair refund to the student in the exercise of its discretion.


Courtney Bell began her study of teaching Yoga with Street Yoga in San Diego.This led her to explore more about the body, movement and trauma with Bes Van Der Kolk at Kripalu Yoga center. She completed her 500 Yoga Alliance training hours with Nicole Burrill, Jacqui Bonwell and Tim Kelleher. Courtney has additional certifications in Yoga for Traumatic Brain Injury, SPA yoga, Mind Body Awareness practice for veterans through the American Red Cross, Yin Yoga and Meditation, and Reiki (Master Level). Her deep understanding of a trauma-informed approach to teaching and the importance of holding safe space for all of her students is also rooted in her twenty years of practice as an independently licensed social worker. Click here for more about Courtney.

Checka Antifonario has been teaching Yoga full-time since 2008. In addition to her 500 Yoga Alliance training hours with Frog Lotus Yoga and Sacred Seeds Yoga School, she has completed Lead Trainer certification with Radiant Child Yoga School, Clinically-Informed Restorative Yoga training, Acro Yoga Therapeutic Flying training, and Reiki Levels 1-2. Organizing and leading Yoga retreats is a great passion for Checka; she has offered over 30 retreats around the world. Checka is deeply committed to maintaining a welcoming and inclusive space for Yoga and Meditation practice, and honoring the roots of Yoga by weaving its ancient philosophies through her offerings. Working with current and future Yoga teachers through training and mentorships is one of the highlights of this path for her! Click here for more about Checka.

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