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A comprehensive training to demystify the retreat planning and leading process and support you in bringing your vision to life!
DATES: February 4, 6 and 8, 2023 |   TEACHER: Checka Antifonario |   PRICE: $219 through January 23 / $249 after

*includes electronic manual, 8 hours of live-stream training (w/ recordings available for one month), and 20% off one-on-one mentoring through February 2023


Do you dream of offering your own Yoga and / or wellness retreats? Please join me, Checka Antifonario, for this in-depth training which synthesizes over ten years of experience into a clear roadmap for ushering your retreat dreams into reality.

Already leading retreats but could use some support? Join us to learn how to hone your process and cut back on wasted time and stress.

You will be provided with an electronic manual and eight hours of live training sessions (all recorded and available to you for one month after the training), as well as email support and 20% off all one-on-one mentoring through February 2023.

I have led over 30 retreats throughout New England, Hawaii, Alaska, the Caribbean, Central America, and the Azores. This includes one-day retreats, weekend retreats and weeklong retreats. Though these can look very different on the surface, the planning process is remarkably similar!


Here is what we will cover:




  • What is your why?

  • Define priorities for retreat setting / amenities.

  • Discuss ideal size of retreat group depending upon goals.

  • Solo-led or collaborative retreat? Tips for working in partnership.




  • Calendar - Tips for group travel (best times of year, off-season gems and more!)

  • Connection - How to find a retreat center or host space with which you feel aligned. Pros and cons of renting a space and self-hosting.

  • Communication - Knowing which questions to ask, and how to gauge flexibility and ease of communication with your host.

  • Contract - You need one! Reviewing, understanding, risk assessing and negotiating.



  • Composition - How to schedule your retreat (meals, classes, group activities).

  • Cohesion - How to theme and organize retreat content for a deeper experience and lasting impact.

  • Choice - Strategies to infuse variety for your participants (even on a short retreat) without overworking yourself.

  • Community - 

    • Inclusive ways to ensure all participants feel welcome and seen.

    • How to be a conscious and engaged guest in your host community.

    • Addressing contextual concerns such as inclement weather, troubling regional news, or the pandemic.



Ah, marketing. This is one the hottest topics that comes up in my mentorship work. It can certainly be challenging and feel vulnerable or pressurized. But I like to think of it as a process of reaching out broadly, so that the people who are meant to gather on a given retreat will hear the message. You don't have to worry about getting hundreds of likes or having a 10,000 person email list. I do believe you need to share from the heart, and be willing to put yourself out there to some extent.


  • Clarity - The "need to know" list for potential guests. Provide clear information in order to prevent surprise or disappointment.

  • Creative Content - Tips and prompts for creating compelling retreat descriptions, posts and marketing emails.

  • Cost Considerations - How to price your retreat, plus: pre-sales, early bird specials, giveaways!? All of your incentive questions answered.

  • Consistency - Make a marketing plan, stick with it, and be willing to adjust as you go.


IMPORTANT BONUS CONTENT - Pandemic tips and travel insurance recommendations!


This training will take place within the Marvelous platform that I use for all of my online teaching. The platform uses Zoom integration so the format will feel familiar to most! There will be three livestream, interactive training sessions. All will be recorded and available within the platform for one month after the training.

Training sessions (in Eastern Time Zone):

Saturday, February 4: 8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Monday, February 6: 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Wednesday, February 8: 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Please click here to register. You will need to create a Marvelous account if you do not already have one. Once you have purchased the product, you will have access to live-stream sessions in the "Events" section and recordings in the "Lessons" section.

**Please register with an email address that you use actively, so I can reach you directly with your electronic manual and other training updates!**

Once you have purchased the product, you will have access to live-stream sessions in the "Events" section and recordings in the "Lessons" section.

Questions or concerns? Please email me at Hope to connect with you soon.

Warmly, Checka Antifonario

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