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Welcome to Mindful March online: your approachable, supported, 21-day meditation journey!


​You! Me! EVERYONE! Whether you are brand new to meditation, eager to recommit to your practice, or craving some mindful community - you are in the right place. There is no judgment or pressure here - just plenty of warmth and support.


​I believe a personal meditation practice can truly improve your experience as a human being. Life throws a lot at each of us, but there are deep resources within to help you to navigate your path! I also know that the idea of meditation can feel intimidating, or seem like it must be super time-consuming and / or grueling. This program is designed to make it accessible, welcoming and fulfilling.




​Our daily 15-minute sessions will include approachable guidance into a meditative space, some silent time, and a simple closing. I will also sprinkle in tips I have learned over the years on topics such as being comfortable in your seat, setting your space, sticking with your meditation practice, etc. While I would describe my predominant teaching style as as mindfulness meditation, this is NOT about mastering any specific prescribed technique. It is about getting into the habit of sitting with yourself and your inner experience; in my opinion that is profoundly beautiful, always evolving, and doesn't need to be labeled.



​I will offer a 15-minute session for the first 21 days in March. Three weeks is known to be a powerful amount of time to form a new habit! We will meet at 7:00 am ET on weekdays (Monday-Friday), and 8:30 am ET on Saturdays and Sundays. Sessions will be live-streamed through the heyMarvelous platform where I host all of my online content, AND available on-demand immediately after each session ends.


While you always have the option to sit longer on your own, I am committed to staying within the 15-minute time frame to make this as accessible as possible.


Please do not worry if you miss a day, or many! This is not intended as a "challenge" or something to add pressure - this is an opportunity to come home to yourself consistently, with LOVE.



You can register on the heyMarvelous platform at this link. The tuition is $27, or $21 for my Anyday Yogaway monthly members with the coupon code: ANYDAY. (Monthly membership doors are always open if you want to check it out!)

Once you are registered, you can simply click on your Mindful March product. There you will see:

1) "Events" - that is where you get you into the live-stream sessions.

2) "Included Content"- that is where you can watch sessions on demand.

Every video will be labeled with the date it was recorded. These recordings will not be available to anyone outside of our Mindful March community, and you will have access to them through April 30 if you want to catch up or repeat some sessions.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me at with any questions. I look forward to connecting!



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